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"Chromatic Glass" is a color vision assistance tool for persons who have difficulty recognizing specific colors or perceiving differences between specific color pairs due to a color vision deficiency.
Congenital color vision deficiency can be classified into three major types: Protanope / Protanomal, Deuteranope / Deuteranomal and Tritanope / Tritanomal. People with different types of color vision deficiency perceive colors differently.
The colors which can be recognized or distinguished by color deficient persons are different from color normal persons. In addition, such conditions may occur owing to an acquired illness.
"Chromatic Glass" helps users to recognize and distinguish such colors by making a special modified color image based on scientific theoretical methods in real-time and displaying it and the original image alternately.


  • Supports the three major color vision types -- Protan, Deutan, and Tritan.
  • While there are a range of colors that color vision deficient type people have trouble seeing, generally, Protans and Deutans have difficulty in perceiving differences between red and green. Protans also have difficulty recognizing deep red. Tritans have difficulty distinguishing between green and blue. This application is designed to make colors easier to distinguish for persons who have such color vision types.
  • This application was developed by Kazuonri Asada (Ph.D. Medical Science and Ph.D. Media Design) and is released free.

What's New

  • 2017/12/12: iOS Version 2.2 is released.
    Supports iPhone X screen size.
  • 2015/07/11: Version 2.15 is released.
    iOS8 and iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus high-resolution are supported.
  • 2014/10/09: Version 2.13 was released.
    It became iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus-capable.
  • 2013/10/15: Version 2.12 was released.
    A bug that a color name sometimes can not be displayed while freezing a camera image on iOS7 is fixed.
  • 2013/10/02: Version 2.11 was released.
    A bug that images are not displayed in iPhone 5s is fixed.
  • 2013/09/26: Version 2.1 was released.
  • Fixed issue with layout which is confused on iOS7.
    Supports the popup buttons to switch the image source.
  • 2013/06/11: Version 2.0 was released.
  • 2012/09/07: Web Edition was released.
    The web edition works on a web browser without installing software. A web browser which supports WebGL is required. The web camera only works when WebRTC is supported.
    As of today(2013/06/05), it works on Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Safari can be used with only file mode if WebGL is enabled from the "Develop" menu (it is not enabled as the default).
  • 2010/09/17: Version 1.01 was released.
  • 2010/08/31: Version 1.0 was released.