The "Brighter and Bigger" has been redeveloped as Open-Source.

The "Brighert and Bigger" is an assistance tool for people with low vision, with visual impairments and who have difficulty reading small letters due to various reasons such as aging and illness. This app is used in over 100 countries around the world. It is used as a helper tool for reading textbooks at many blind schools children, and is also used as a life tool at home for the elderly.

The "Brighter and Bigger Android Version 2.0" has been completely rewritten as open source, and the entire source code has been released.

The source code of this version of the "Brighter and Bigger" has been published under MIT license, and as long as people comply with its license terms, they can freely reuse it with almost no restrictions. In the future, everyone can freely add Brighter, Bigger and Clearer functions to their own software and applications.

In developing this version, I would like to thank my alumni Hirofumi Ukawa and Masataka Matsuda who provided support and guidance with a lot of time and effort, and all my friends who cooperated in testing.

2019/09/02 Kazunori Asada, Independent Scientist.