How to Use

Version 1.0

Basic Use

  1. 1. Adjust Exposure and Focus
    Tap the screen to adjust exposure and focus. (iPod Touch 4G and iPad 2 do not support point specific focusing, only exposure.)
  2. 2. Brighter Dial Brighter Adjust Brightness (-5 to +5)
    The "Brighter Dial" on the bottom left changes brightness. A smaller value is darker and a larger value is brighter. Brightness is changed by 5% per value of 1.
  3. 3. Clearer Dial Clearer Adjust Contrast (0 to +10)
    The "Contrast (Clearer) Dial" on the bottom right changes contrast. Increase the value for more clarity.
  4. 4. Bigger Dial Bigger Adjust Magnification (1.0 to 10.0)
    The "Magnification Dial" on the bottom changes the degree of magnification. You can also change this value by pinching. You can change the maximum magnification to 20.0 times by setting the "Max Magnification x20" to ON in the Settings screen.
  5. 5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 until brightness, contrast and magnification are comfortable.
  6. 6. All dials, buttons and text disappear if you do not touch the screen for 10 seconds. You can tap the screen to display them again.

Advanced Use

  • Freeze Button Freeze Button
    Push to freeze moving images and display a still image. Push again to release. You can also make a still image bigger, brighter and clearer through use of the dials. A still image can be panned by using a panning gesture (tap and move the screen with 1 finger). You can also "Freeze" by pressing the screen long enough (long press).
  • Brightness Reverse Button Brightness Reverse Button
    Push to reverse brightness. A black letter on white background is changed to a white letter on black background. This mode is especially suitable for people with cataracts and low vision.
  • Save Button Image Save Button
    Push to store a displayed image to the "Photo Album".
  • Setting Button Settings Button
    Push to access various settings (described below.)
  • Reverce Projection Transformation Button Tilted Angle Correction Button
    When you put a book on a desk and look at it from above, it is distorted like a trapezoid. This function, "Tilted Angle Correction" (Reverse Projection Transformation), revises such distortion as if you saw it from directly overhead. You can change the "Degree of Tilted Angle Correction" parameter by pinching the bottom of the screen or by using the "Degree of Tilted Angle Correction' slider in the Settings screen.


    Card - Originalopen image

    After Tilted Angle Correction

    Card - Modifiedopen image

  • Torch Button Torch Button
    Push to turn the torch light ON/OFF. (If supported.)
  • Reset
    Double tapping the screen resets the "Bigger", "Brighter", and "Clearer" parameters to their initial conditions. You can also reset these parameters and freeze conditions by shaking your device.

Settings Screen

You can change various settings in the Settings Screen.
  • Monochrome Mode
    • Discard Color Information
      Discards Chromaticity Information and only uses Lightness information. Readability for an individual who cannot read easily due to eye illness, etc. may improve with this setup. (default value: OFF)
    • Color(s) Used
      Specifies the color(s) used for the "Monochrome" (or "Duochrome") mode. The specified color or combination of colors (chromaticity information only) is used.
      For example, in the case that one color is specified (Monochrome), such as "Light Blue", colors which have the same chromaticity as "Light Blue" are displayed. In the case that two colors are specified (Duochrome), such as "Yellow and Blue", a color which has the same chromaticity as Yellow is displayed when the Lightness value is at its highest, and a color which has same chromaticity as Blue is displayed when the Lightness value is at its lowest (dark). A color's chromaticity is determined by the linear interpolation between light and dark according to its own Lightness.
      In addition, "Color(s) Used" can be shifted to the next color(s) by tapping the screen with 2 fingers when the "Shift by double-tapping w/ 2 fingers" is ON. (default: Achromatic)
    • Custom Color
      Specifies the color used for the "Custom (Monochrome)" mode (only chromaticity is used). (default value: Yellowish Green (R 66%, G 100%, B 0%))
    • Custom Color (Light)
      Specifies the Light Color used for the "Custom (Duochrome)" mode (only chromaticity is used). (default value: Yellow (R 100%, G 100%, B 0%))
    • Custom Color (Dark)
      Specifies the Dark Color used for the "Custom (Duochrome)" mode (only chromaticity is used). (Choose "White Color" when you would like to use Achromatic.) (default value: Purple (R 50%, G 0%, B 100%))
    • Shift by double-tapping w/ 2 fingers
      Shift the "Color(s) Used" to the next color(s) in the order listed in the menu by tapping the screen with 2 fingers.
  • User Interface Settings
    • Big Text and Buttons
      Use Big Text and Buttons. (default value: OFF on iPhone, ON on iPad)
    • Freeze on Long Press
      Freeze by pressing the screen with your finger for a long enough time (long press), in addition to the "Freeze Button." To freeze: 1 second using 1 finger, or 0.4 seconds using 3 fingers. To restart: 2 seconds using 1 finger, or 0.4 seconds using 3 fingers. (default value: ON)
    • Save on Volume
      Save the screen by pushing the "Volume" button in addition to the "Save Button." (default value: OFF)
    • Max Magnification x20
      Sets the maximum magnification ratio to 20x. (Normally 10x) (default value: OFF)
    • Disable Cont. Auto Focus (appears only with models supporting autofocus)
      Disable continuous auto focusing. This is helpful when using a device with a stand. You can adjust the focus by tapping the screen even while this parameter is ON. (default value: OFF)
  • Degree of Tilted Angle Correction
    Adjust the degree of correction for the "Tilted Angle Correction". This parameter is used when the "Tilted Angle Correction" is ON. The effect is weaker when the slider is moved left, and stronger when the slider is moved right. The "Degree of Tilted Angle Correction" can also be adjusted by pinching an area at the bottom of the screen with 2 fingers, when "Tilted Angle Correction" is ON. (Possible range: Trapezoid (lower base)/(raised bottom) = 0.2-1.0) (default value: 0.5)
  • Reset
    Resets all parameters in the Settings screen to their initial conditions.
  • How to Use
    Shows manual.
  • Application Information
    Shows Application Information.


  • Can not save the screen image even push the "Image Save Button" ?
    You should be able to give permission via Settings > Privacy > Photos > "Brighter abd Bigger" 'on'.


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